June 1, 2012
OTHER HIP-HOP relaunch!

It’s been a solid year, both online and otherwise, for OH-H, and I’m extremely happy with what I’ve accomplished. That said, I’ve noticed I’ve hit a bit of a wall recently. I’ve been covering shows less frequently and it’s taken longer and longer for me to get videos and interviews turned around and posted on the site. In part, that’s due to a simple lack of resources (namely: time), but I also know myself well enough to know that, when motivated, I tend to get things done. And, as it stands, I’m not motivated to continue this site in the current direction. There’s plenty of music blogs out there that have more time, writers, photogs, access and geographic advantage that can do a better job of what I’ve been doing, here and elsewhere, for the last three years.

The good news, if you’re a fan of the site, is that I’m not content to disappear completely. Rather, starting today, you’ll notice that things are pretty different around here.

As a detail-obsessed, prone-to-reminiscing music journalist, I’ve spent far too much time scouring message boards, tour announcements and out-of-date myspace blogs looking for details on past show dates, limited-time-only album presales and other obscure facts that tend to get lost as the internet marches on. In response, I’ve decided to refocus OH-H as a sort of indie rap archive of these details. On this new site, you’ll find plenty of past tour dates, comprehensive links to past interviews, official music videos and so much more. My hope is that it will be of equal use to music journalists looking for information and music fans trying to settle an argument about whether some show happened in 2005 and 2006. (I’ve experienced frustrations as both.)

With all of that said, thanks so much for reading.

Welcome to the only indie rap archive on the web.

— Tim